Exclusively Handmade

The focus is to design womenswear that fits all body types and make silhouettes that are flattering for everyone. We want every woman to be comfortable with what she’s wearing – this is why we aim to make all the pieces usable for either a celebration or a typical workday.


No mass production

Less waste


The Story


As a child I was fascinated by the different expressions of clothing one could have. I would change outfit not only once or twice, but multiple times a day. Pink was my favorite color and my style was either extremly girly or very punky. I always had very strong opinions about what I would wear and over time I began to completely re-do my clothes to my own liking, not always to my parents joy.

When I inherited a sewing machine from my grandmother, a new world opened it's doors. I started experimenting in the world of sewing. Learning from my own mistakes I quickly started to improve my work and could soon develop my own designs.

Upon graduating school I was invited to come live in Beijing by my uncle. I was completely taken away by the city and eventually found a design school where I started to study. I developed my skills in pattern making and visited multiple factories where the staff had been sewing for decades – some with the most amazing sewing skills I had ever seen.

After a year in China, I returned to Stockholm with a more clear vision of what I wanted to do. With my new skills I started to create clothes for myself and later on I was creating clothes for almost everyone I knew. In 2016 I founded my own company and my webshop was born. It’s obviously still a new brand and I'm very happy to see it grow bigger day by day. I’m exited to continue working hard, pushing my boundaries of womenswear until my finger bones dry out.